This PITA gets SMART

I used to think that PITA was the same as PETA. They're pronounced the same, right? (Like "pita bread." Yummm.) But the key difference is that the TLA (three-letter acronym) for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is not the same as the TLA for Pain In The Ass. And while I love animals (and perhaps love too dearly my three pets), I am not a card-carrying member of PETA. But I sure as hell am of PITA.

Sometimes, people lovingly call me a PITA. Other times, people do so with much less "love" in their intention. Good thing I can tell the difference and sniff out sarcasm a mile away. Make that a nautical mile.

I'd written a short-ish feature about Oregon's SMART (Start Making a Reader Today) program celebrating its 25th anniversary. The story came out in The Oregonian's 10/21 print edition. And that same day a piece on the same topic was posted to OregonLive (the paper's companion online news site). Its author is Chris Otis, SMART's executive director and one of the people I interviewed and quoted in my Living section piece. It's also the piece I'd posted to this blog. My story, however, while it ran in print, hadn't been posted to the digital version of the paper.

Until, that is, I nudged the editor to do so.

Here it is, and I thank you for reading! And reading! (Get it? Yup, just being a PITA.)

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