The Thrill of the Future

No one walking into my house would ever say, Wow, now here’s something new. I have poetry books from the 50’s, wall art from the 60’s, shoes from the 70’s and I even own a tiny lion pilgrimage medallion from the fourth century. But my love of the past is lavished on objects; when it comes to action, I am all about the future. Possibly this is a writer’s world—mining memory on the one hand while flirting with the blank page on the other. The first word, the initial idea, the inciting action, those all get my engines running. And this is never more true than when I am embarking on a new enterprise like our new branding, writing and editing business, 2B Writing Company and this very blog.

This blog is going to be amazing! So fun, important and educational! Best ever! It’s going to be no work at all and basically write itself! That’s the new brain in action. I love the new brain.

Of course the old brain knows very well none of that is true. But what would life be like if we only listened to one of our brains? Not shiny. I mean, I usually have at least six spinning at once. This excitement over new enterprises is one reason we started 2B Writing Company. With every new client, Jenn and I are basically like a couple of toddlers, rolling out the Lego pieces. We build ideas sky high and if one piece doesn't fit there's always another one that might. The fun of promoting authors, events, or writing for businesses, non-profits and people is basically the thrill of the possible future. Our clients are the happy recipients. Of course planning always includes follow-up, and we do that very well. That's a future too.

Wondering about you all out there in the blogosphere…what’s been your favorite beginning? If you don’t have one, maybe this is the day to start something new and experience for yourself the brightness of future plans. And if, like me, you'll never quite give up your love of old things, then seriously people

check out these awesome shoes.

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